Friday, July 13, 2007

Week 9, thingy 23-- HOORAY!

This has been excellent! I'm so glad to have been exposed to all these possibilities. Some I will use more than others, but it's mostly great to be familiar with (and slightly conversant about)what everything is. I guess the best thing is to have created and maintained a blog. The most fun was making the avatar. One thing I'm wondering: If we want to go back and find all these resources, will the 23 things be available for a long time? The links and podcasts were very helpful and I'd like to be able to go back to them. Thanks very much for all your monitoring, and for making this available! Yes, I would participate in such a thingy again. MEOW!

Week 9, thingy 22

That was an eye-opener! I have to admit I had never looked at the OverDrive option on the BCPL site. I learned some useful things: it's easy, there's a good selection, AND you can copy to a CD. I never new that and now that I do, there's a good chance I will use it. It would take a little planning ahead before a long car trip, for example, but might be worth it. I looked at 'Humor & Essays" because that's the type of thing I like to listen to in the car. Found a Dave Barry and a PGWodehouse title.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Week 9, thingy 21

Ask a Ninja was great! I haven't done much with podcasts before, don't have an ipod, and am not subscribed to itunes. But I did look at I like the arrangement of categories to click down into, like yahoo! But I looked at learning & instruction/ reference and there were a lot of religions podcasts there-- not what I expected to find, but I'm sure that's how they were tagged by the people who posted them. Looked at things tagged with 'library' and added the Hennepin Co. Library Teen Links podcasts to my Bloglines account. As with YouTube, I'm not sold on the usefulness until I have seen more professional uses vs. entertainment.

More Week 9, thingy 20

I guess YouTube might be the part of the 23 things with which I was already the most familiar. It's fun to see 1970's commercials and library dominoes. But the experience I have with it has always been for fun. I think a lot of people have a lot of spare time to be filming pytons eating rabbits (horrors!), but I'm sure there must be some educational uses for it, too.

Week 9, thingy 20: Best Cats Compilation Ever

Why not this YouTube video for Cats Meow?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Week 8, thingy 19

Feeling like the horse headed toward the barn now....
It was great to see the list of the winners, including many of the sites we have visited. The one I chose to look at was the winner in 'Events.' It's a yahoo site called Upcoming. The first page lists popular places, with the most popular listed in the largest font (like aquabrowser). United States was the largest. Finding my way to a search for what's going on in Baltimore wasn't totally easy. Once I found the 72 events listed for Baltimore, I could see how this could be useful-- once more people and organizations start to use it to list their events. The Md. Zoo and Parks and People Foundation, and the Orioles, among others, have their events listed. So I will check back in a few months to see how robust the listings are. Once you find an event at a venue you like, you can click on that venue to find all others there. But I was ticked when I clicked on yahoo!maps to get a map of the location and couldn't 'back' button back to the event listings.

Week 8, thingy 18

VERY, VERY cool! The post below this one, a bit of Daffodils by Wordsworth, was created in Google docs, then I published it from there to my blog. The entire experience of signing up, making a document, and publishing it was extremely easy. It's all totally intuitive-- especially because many of the icons are the same as MS Word's! Besides, by this time in the 23 thingys, we are becoming fearless-- just try something and see if it works!